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Identity as 

a process

a becoming

a constant flow of images creating movement

a memory in the mirror

an illusion of the future

a carrot at the end of a stick

a melting ice cream becoming something different to the image on the wrap

a prison

opposed to the present

a dramaturgy of the existence.


I AM (T)HERE is a work about the relation between voice and body. Considering the traditional approach of servitude of the body towards the voice, we explore new ways of interaction of these two agents. The exploration is on the formal field but inevitable leads to discover new semantic encounters. With the idea of “identity as a process” as a background to our research, this piece incarnates a body caught in between two different dynamics: voice and movement. Both dynamics travel in opposed directions creating a body in tension, a subject in conflict with its own identity.   


Change is intrinsic to everything and it is inevitable. What we are –that is our identity- is not an idea or a fixed image but a permanent and constant becoming. We are by definition a moving object, a body in constant transformation. However we identify ourselves with fixed believes, we become obsessed with questions like “who am I” and we try to find permanent answers to such questions. We hold on to these believes with stubbornness and that gives rise to a slow and constant battle between the ever-changing and unpredictable reality and our fixed ideas and believes about what and who we are. A conflict between the individual and his/her environment, at the center of which we find identity. The central idea of this piece is to explore how the subject deals emotionally and intellectually with this conflict.

By repeating a vocal melody, the body travels towards its emancipation creating a unique movement detached from the voice. I AM (T)HERE is a research on the liquid and ephemeral nature of identity. An individual and collective identity; an identity based on body, on gender, on territory; based on social, ethical and genetic load. All these layers creating a unique and at the same time a generic subject.


We want to use the body as a channel streaming all variations of the self. We conceive the body as a blank page, as a tool to manifest that identity is a constantly moving image.

Identity, despite its vague and ambivalence nature, is a key concept to understand individual and social evolution in present times of increasing uncertainty and loss of social meaning” (Z. Bauman)



Pere Jou’s countertenor voice is the starting point of this research. Using his distinctive lyrical voice we have composed a score between the electronic and the contemporary opera. This score is based on a constant repetition of a single note during the majority of the piece. On top of this vocal idea we have developed a movement’s quality that offers both formal and semantic counterpoint to the obstinate singing. This way movement and voice conduct two differentiated dynamics that intersect on a single body.

Through repetition with variationthe body of the performer experiences a conflict born from holding movement and voice opposite dynamics. In fact, variation is one of the most important tools in music composition and not the only one shared with choreography. This is why our work method plays naturally with musical and choreographic equivalences.


Variation must be understood as a progressive (and sometimes imperceptible) modification of the original idea. Nevertheless, variation is constant and inevitable, like a reflex of our changing nature. Through repetition we get deeper into the constant change that allows understanding identity as a process. We are not fixed concepts, ideas or images. We are developments, fluxes, successions of present forms; we are a constant movement.

Pere Jou’s body experiences these contradictions with helps from Aurora Bauzà who acts as a sort of chaman, guiding and caring with her live music performance. Then a connection is established between this external agent (Aurora Bauza’s music) and the performer (Pere Jou’s body), adding an extra layer about the relation/conflict between an individual and its environment.



The primarily intuition of this piece is based on the work of the people we have been working with. Specially, we want to put the emphasis on the piece Nowhere in Particular by Sonia Gómez, David Climent and Pere Jou, where we have been able to work with the voice as a generator of movement and as a key element on choreographical composition. By invading the scene with microphones, we managed to create a unique sound space that became a central dramaturgical element. Human voice has a main role in our work, since it's the link between sound and body. In this sense, voice is also a motor of movement.


At the same time, we want to mention Alessandro Sciarrioni’s work. He is currently helping us as an external eye. At the same time we have worked in his recent pieces as composers and performes. His work based on few elements and the use of repetition is a perspective that we feel really closed to. Working on repetition allows us to create and think about loosing subjective identity and fingind an abstract and anonymous body.


Right now we are at the last stage of this creation. With the help from Marche Teatro (Italy), Graner Barcelona we have been able to develop this creation. Some sharings have been made such as Festival Off Liceu – Diàlegs musicals or Embrions on the Escena Poblenou Festival.





  • Helena Almeida and her thoughts about the body as an scenic space: “My body is my work, my work is my body”. 

  • Zygmunt Bauman, Identitat. Universitat de València, 2010.

  • Ivo Dimchev, P Project. 

  • Alessandro Sciarroni, CHROMA_Don’t be frightened of turning the page. 

  • The photography by Lois Greenfield.



Performer: Pere Jou

Creation and direction: Aurora Bauzà i Pere Jou

Musical composition: Aurora Bauzà i Pere Jou


Scenic and light design: to be defined

External eye: Alessandro Sciarroni 

Duration: 30'

In collaboration and supported by

Villa Nappi (Italy), Graner Barcelona, Festival OFF Liceu 2019 and La Lleialtat Santsenca.




  • New creation with MAUD LE PLADEC (2021). Perfomer

  • The black body, the blue mind and the fluorescent guts (2020), SONIA GÓMEZ. Perfomer

  •  Turning Matera (2019), ALESSANDRO SCIARRONI. Composer

  • Àngels a Amèrica (2018) DAVID SELVAS. Director musical

  • Augusto(2018), ALESSANDRO SCIARRONI. Intèrpret

  • Nowhere in Particular(2018), SONIA GÓMEZ, DAVID CLIMENT I PERE JOU. Cocreador, Perfomer and Composer

  • Her (2018),ÍRIA LLENA. Composer

  • La importància de ser Frank (2018) DAVID SELVAS. Director musical

  • Mol·leculari (2018), LIPI HERNÁNDEZ. Composer

  • Data (2018), LIPI HERNÁNDEZ. Composer and perfomer

  • Dancing with frogs(2017), SOL PICÓ CIA DE DANZA. Composer and perfomer

  • Apel·lació a la pedra(2017), SONIA GÓMEZ. Composer and perfomer

  • Halab (2017), SOL PICÓ CIA DE DANZA. Composer and perfomer

  • En construcción 2 (2016), AMALIA FERNÁNDEZ. Perfomer

  • Tata mala (2016), ENRIC MONTEFUSCO. Perfomer

  • Bachelor in Music, specialty Lyiric sing (countertenor), Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu, Barcelona. 2013 - 2017  

  • Master in Music as interdisciplinary art, Universitat de Barcelona, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Universitat Rovira i Virgili. 2011 - 2012

  • Bachelor in Audiovisual Comunication, Universitat Ramon Llull. 2006 - 2010

  • Bachelor in Sociologiy, Universitat de Barcelona, Freie Universität Berlin, University of California (Berkeley). 2004 - 2008


  • Save the last dance for me (2019), ALESSANDRO SCIARRONI. Composer

  • Jellyfish (2019), ANA BORROSA. Composer

  • Vigor Mortis (2019), ASUN NOALES. Composer

  • Nightingale (2019), ANA BORROSA. Composer

  • Turning Matera (2019), ALESSANDRO SCIARRONI. Composer

  • Àngels a Amèrica (2018) DAVID SELVAS. Directora musical

  • Pla-dur (2018) ATZUR. Composer

  • Nowhere in Particular(2018), SONIA GÓMEZ, DAVID CLIMENT I PERE JOU. Composer

  • Ave Maria (2018). LIPI HERNÁNDEZ. Composer

  • Her (2018),ÍRIA LLENA. Composer

  • La importància de ser Frank (2018) DAVID SELVAS. Directora musical

  • Mol·leculari (2018), LIPI HERNÁNDEZ. Composer

  • Data (2018), LIPI HERNÁNDEZ. Composer

  • Master in Music as interdisciplinari art, Universitat de Barcelona, Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Universitat Rovira i Virgili. 2011 - 2012

  • Bachelor in Musicology, Universidad de Granada, Freie Universität Berlin. 2009 - 2014

  • Bachelor in Music, specialty Piano, Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears. 2005 - 2009