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Telemann Rec. has become a place where we explore the limits of music as interdisciplinary language. Maybe accompanying a film, or taking part in the dance or theater scene, music plays a fundamental role in creating meaning and generating emotion. 

Educated in classical music, we both share our passion for electronic and pop music and find ourselves in constant research of new musical horizons, immersing ourselves over and over in the magic relationship between music and emotion.


Pianist, musicologist, and Master in Music as interdisciplinary art, Aurora Bauza has centered her career in music creation for both scenic and audiovisual languages. In 2015 co-founded Telemann Rec., in order to channel her interest in music as interdisciplinary language. She has worked in many scenic and audiovisual projects composing, producing and performing their music. At the same time she is developing her own music projects in scenic arts. 





Countertenor, sociologist and audiovisual comunicator, Pere Jou has spent the first 10 years of his professional career composing and producing  pop music, performing with various bands, and leading his own project, Quart Primera. In 2015 takes the leap to scenic arts, which has driven him to work as a composer and performer for a lot of artists, choreographers and directors. He currently combines his work as a composer with his role as contemporary dancer and performer.


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